I Love Cuba

“Share the Road”



It is common to be asked “are there a lot of old cars there”?  Yes, there are a lot of old cars there.  But that’s not the point.  There are a lot of old everything there; buildings, architecture, supplies, ways of working, tools-IF you’re lucky, spare parts, etc.  Cubans are masters of re-using, re-furbishing, re-working.  They must be industrious.  That often is the only way to obtain needed things.


First one is always the hardest

The empty boring first post.  Ummmm, ah, hmmmm; what should I write?  The post no one reads unless you beg your best friend to “go look”

Keep it short, simple, because no matter, it’s going to be boring.  Don’t write much.  You’re sure to be embarrassed when you return to read it a year from now after you’ve found your groove, and a few followers, and some new friends.

Yah, that’s this post.